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Research for school

Primary school summaries and resources.

On Ricerche Per La Scuola you will find summaries and resources on the main topics of study presented in a simple and suitable way for everyone. We help thousands of parents and primary school kids achieve their goals!

Why you should consult our site if ...

…are you a student

You can use our site to review the main study topics. We constantly publish new content related to the school curriculum; you can use them as a track to write research or to study. And if you feel prepared, you can test yourself with our multiple choice quizzes!

… You are a parent

You can consult our site with your child to get them used to using the Internet in a constructive way, as a starting point for finding basic information. Explain to your child that our content should not be copied but reworked in a conscious and personal way.

… You are a teacher

You can advise your students to turn to our site for simple summaries and examples of how to write research, themes and summaries. We publish a lot of useful content, such as fact sheets, book reviews, interactive tests and much more that you can freely use for your work. And if you want to collaborate with us, write!

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Our research is also in podcasts! Listen to all the episodes directly on our website or through your favorite platform!

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Print and cut out our cards!

We have prepared some colorful cards to print and cut out. They contain the tracks you can follow to write your school research of history, geography and science! Enter the data to receive them via email!